Limestone the Living Rock DVD

Make a contribution to the Mwera Farm Project by purchasing a DVD of ‘Limestone the Living Rock’ made by renowned film-maker Sid Perou. See the Resources page for details.









The Idea

The Mwera Farm project involves the development of a six-acre plot of land close to Mzizima Primary and Mida Secondary schools. The plot of land is adjacent to Arabuko-Sokoke forest, the second most important forest in all Africa for its bird life. Mwera Farm can be accessed from the main Malindi/Mombasa road by a short motorable track.

The land plot will be developed by the staff, school children/students and community of the Mida region as an agricultural training centre for young people and local farmers.  Mzizima, Mida and Mbarakachembe Primary Schools will be the lead organisations in Kenya. It is hoped that all development and educational work would be undertaken in collaboration with a group of partner institutions that will help with expertise and practical support.