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Limestone the living rockLimestone The Living Rock

We would like to draw your attention to an invaluable learning and teaching resource for Science, Geography and Geology departments. The film “Limestone the Living Rock” was made by renowned film maker Sid Perou as a part of the education programme for the Coldstones Cut sculpture at Hanson Aggregates, Coldstones Quarry, Greenhow in Nidderdale. The DVD can be reviewed on Youtube, “Limestone the Living Rock" parts 1-6. Each of the six parts of the DVD is supported by lesson plans and resources which are freely downloadable from

The six parts are:
- Limestone and Landscape
- Our Limestone Caves
- Limestone in our Lives
- Lead in our Veins
- A Scar on the Landscape
- The Coldstones Cut

Each film is around 10-12 minutes in length and all six films come on one DVD which, at £10, represents excellent value for money. All profits from the DVD are going to support the development of MWERA FARM, a sustainable agricultural centre for students at our link schools in Kenya. Support for this project also comes from Hanson Aggregates Greenhow Quarry, linked schools in Nidderdale England and Mida in Kenya, Lafarge Ecosystems and Arocha Field Study Centre in Kenya. If you or your school, college or company would like to receive a copy of the DVD please follow the instructions below.

Cost: £10 per DVD plus £2 P&P for each package sent. Please enclose a cheque for the correct sum with the order made payable to: NHSCC School Fund. Then send your cheque together with your name and address to the following address: NHS & CC, Low Wath Road, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 5HL


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